Vino Bianco del Contadino is our historical label, it is so old that we can not even go back to the exact moment when it was decided to dress this sparkling, drinkable, familiar white wine, with a straw paper label,  hand written in red.

It is a wine that we are all fond of, and that meets the palate of our consumers.

The harvest usually takes place in mid-September.  The Garganega and Trebbiano grapes are harvested and after a soft pressing the must is subjected to immediate refrigeration with subsequent clarification by flotation, a method that is very respectful of the structure of the wines.


The refinement is 3-4 months in steel.  Then it goes into an autoclave for refermentation and second fermentation where it remains for 30-40 days.


 The result is a sparkling straw yellow wine.  In the mouth and nose it has notes of fruit and white flowers, the alcohol content, ease of drinking and great pleasure are its main characteristics.


Excellent wine as an aperitif and for the whole meal.