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Luca Maroni | Annuario Migliori Vini 2022 | Awards

For the third consecutive year, and with an improvement in the results obtained, three of our wines have been tasted and awarded with marks over 90 points, by the famous Sommelier and Wine Communicator Luca Maroni. To you the votes obtained for the 2021 years, now on the market: Pinot […]

The Verona wine guide – TOP 100 and our Pinot Grigio

 We are proud that our Pinot Grigio Doc delle Venezie Bio 19/17 has entered among the labels selected by the three famous Veronese Sommeliers. A special thanks to them, Enrico Fiorini, Gianluca Boninsegna and Marco Scandogliero. Our 19/17 is certified Vegan, as well as Organic and represents the selection of […]

Il Vino Bianco del Contadino – our story in a bottle

Vino Bianco del Contadino is our historical label, it is so old that we can not even go back to the exact moment when it was decided to dress this sparkling, drinkable, familiar white wine, with a straw paper label,  hand written in red. It is a wine that we […]

Aperitifs at the Farm – 24 October

APERITIFS AT THE FARM🌼 SATURDAY 24 OCTOBER FROM 10.00 TO 12.00   FATTORIA MARGHERITA VIA LINO LOVO 31 OPPEANO   By popular demand, the event “Aperitifs at the farm is back”!!! All friends who have the pleasure of visiting us Saturday 24 October from 10.00 to 12.00 will be able […]

L’Arena – April 6th 2020

L’Arena newspaper reserved an article on us, with particular attention to the launch of our Organic Pinot Grigio 19/17, dedicated to the foundation year of our winery. Special thanks go to Massimo Ugolini, the journalist who dedicated his time to us for an interview and the entire editorial staff of […]