The Farmers of the Veronese Lowland offer a very useful as well as special Christmas gift, because it is the fruit of the passion and the working hands of a group of farmers who believe in our Veronese Lowland.

There are 3 types of Gift Bags;

La Rustica – € 19

1kg ancient wheat flour, 2X snacks of your choice, 2X Veronese stortina, 1 Passarini Vino del Contadino

The Traditional – € 35

Salami Decimo, 1kg flour, 1 sbrisolona of ancient grains, 2X snacks of your choice, 1 Moscato sweet sparkling wine Passarini

The Maximum – 50 €

2kg flour, 3X snacks, 10th salami, 2X Veronese stortina, 1 Pinot brut Passarini, 1 Moscato sweet Passarini sparkling wine

You can also build the Agri Gift bag for Christmas as you prefer, by contacting the association directly on the website.